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Remember to Schedule Your Annual Vision Screening

September 19, 2017

Most of us know that as we get older, we’re at increased risk of various health conditions. Yet for some reason, we don’t all take such good care of our eyes.

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8 Reasons Why Exercise is Critical As You Age

September 12, 2017

As we age, we can face a variety of health concerns. This, you already know. However, you may be surprised to learn how many different ways exercise can help!

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Being Prepared for a Natural Disaster

September 5, 2017

Recently we’ve witnessed devastating fires, hurricanes, and floods – with potentially more on the way. No area is immune to natural disaster. Here’s how to make sure you are prepared…

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9 Medicare Basics You Need to Know

August 23, 2017

Most people don’t think much about Medicare until it becomes time to sign up for the program or when the Annual Enrollment period approaches. This year, make sure you know these nine basic facts about Medicare.

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Know The Signs of a Heart Attack

August 16, 2017

Would you know if you were experiencing a heart attack? Would you be able to recognize the signs in a loved one? A heart attack isn’t always a very obvious event, so it’s important to learn the warning signs.

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4 Ways That Retirement Could Surprise You

August 8, 2017

No matter how carefully we plan, there are always some things in life that surprise us. Here are four things that retirees say surprised them!

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7 Smart Money-Managing Strategies During Retirement

August 2, 2017

One in three retirees over the age of 65 is actually in financial distress. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent it…

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Dietary Tips for Seniors that Improve Energy and Health

July 25, 2017

If you are looking for ways to boost your health, then you should consider these three dietary habits that will give you more energy and help you to optimize your health.

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