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Why Pets are Great Companions during Retirement

February 22, 2016

If you find yourself searching for more companionship during this time in your life, consider the benefits of an indoor house pet. In fact, pets can actually provide both physical and emotional support, and boost your quality of life.

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Best Exercise Tips for People Over 60

February 15, 2016

If you’re over the age of 60 and you want to be more active, that’s great! Exercise is necessary to help you maintain good health, but it is very important that you do it safely…

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Senior Vaccinations: Are You Current with Your Vaccination Schedule?

February 8, 2016

Children typically receive the necessary vaccines early in life, but did you know that there are certain shots that need boosters later in life? Here’s a list for you to reference.

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It’s Never too Late to Stop Smoking

February 1, 2016

Sometimes, seniors justify the habit of smoking because they’ve been doing it for so long. Even though it might seem pointless to quit this habit later in life, the truth is that there are many benefits of quitting smoking, regardless of your age.

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Senior Insomnia: Tips for Improving Sleep Habits

January 19, 2016

Do you find that aging makes it harder to sleep at night? It is common for seniors to experience changing sleep patterns, which can be frustrating if you find yourself…

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Suggested Health Screenings in Your 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s

January 15, 2016

As you age, it is important that you stay consistent with regular health screenings and visits with the doctor. Many people assume that they only need to visit the doctor…

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Heart Healthy Shopping Habits to Prevent Disease

January 11, 2016

Daily habits and dietary choices have a direct impact on a person’s risk for heart disease. So, if you want to protect your heart and prevent cardiovascular disease, then it’s important that you are selective about the foods that you put in your shopping cart each week. Here are three tips…

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4 Simple Steps for Healthy Aging

January 4, 2016

Just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean that you need to suffer from a long list of health issues. Many people mistakenly think that aging leads to health problems, but the truth is that there are certain habits and lifestyle factors that help you to grow old gracefully. Here are a few things to consider…

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